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Headline : Osprey's Sockeye Salmon Supper
Caption : Wildlife photographer, Bob Jensen, captured this awesome sequence of images of an osprey swooping down to catch a salmon on a lake in Skagit County, Washington State, U.S.A.

The sockeye salmon of the Pacific Northwest of the USA spawn each fall. As they begin their journey to spawn their skin changes from silver to bright red. Normally they swim deep, but during the spawn they come to the shallow water and swim closer to the surface. This makes them susceptible to the Osprey, a hawk that is specially adapted to catching fish. The Osprey dives from 10 meters above, hits the water and grabs the fish. Then, after the fish is secured, they are submerged up to their head. Then comes the task of taking off. With powerful flaps, they rise above the water surface with catch in tow.

Jensen, who is an Aerospace Engineer by day, waited on the shoreline for hours for the perfect dive. Many times the osprey will take off away from the photographer, it all depends upon the wind. The birds always take-off into the wind.
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